Snapshot - Cats Bali Holiday

Here are a tiny/minuscule/fraction of my photo collection from my Bali holiday with my bf. I've made them smaller quality for Facebook cos the originals are huggggggge in pixels. Anyhoo, I had such a great time. We went white water rafting (my new love!), to the monkey forest, elephant riding, snorkeling, shopping (YAY!), eating, cocktails, lots of swimming and laughing. We saw so many types of animals and even saw loads of pests (we saw little Bats being SHOT with a GUN by staff in one of our hotels haha what an eye opener). I bought lots of stuff and could of spent heaps more (maxed the credit card due to other fees we didn't know we had to pay for. ie. entry and exit of the country and bank problems).
Our first hotel was at Ubud and the second at Nusa Dua. I loved both for different reasons; Ubud was in the forest, and Nusa Dua was a typical fancy schmancy resort.
Can't wait for my next holiday with my beau. What a great 2 year anniversary gift.
Hope you're having a splendid week!

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elizabethandcatherine says
April 14, 2010 at 11:52 AM

aww these photos look amazing!!!
I want to see the rest!!!
facebook them asap. hehe :)
looks so beautiful & so much fun. I'm jealous!!
Liz xxxxx