Denim Lust

Denim shorts
Denim vestyjacket

Denim shirt (with jeans, a very tough look to pull off, but Ashley made it work)

MICROSHORTS: I don't think I could hate this girl any more than I do! She has AMAZING legs and makes these shorts look tasteful, not trashy.

I really love this denim shirt. It's not a jacket, it's a shirt. And I have been struggling to find something like this for sooo long! Especially this colour and cut. I've found alot of denim jackets, but there's so many that look terrible on. I just am not sure I could pull it off, when I try them on in stores I get freaked out with flashbacks of 3rd grade when it was cool to wear denim jackets, and overalls! OMG Denim Overalls.... they were so functional back then. But god- are they impossible to pull off when you're older than 12!
Chloe with denim shorts and a vest. Okay I'll admit it - I think I'm over-obsessed with 90's fashion. I walked out of the house yesterday in high-waisted black jeans and a cropped shirt, feeling very Kathleen Hannah as I should've put more makeup on to look more feminine...

Lauren Conrad's jeans are great.
Denim shorts (AGAIN). Pretty sure I'm craving spring just so I can wear more of my clothing, it's all been tights and jeans. It's so cold!


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I love My Brother

I love my brother! The bonus of going shopping with him: When I run out of money and see a pair of shoes I HAVE to have, I get him to buy them and me to pay him back later! THANKS Love you Tom!

He even said "they are definitely YOU shoes, I'll give you the money"
My brother understands so much more than my boyfriend!


My Day

Today I slept in - til 9am and spent the rest of the day relaxing by watching Project Runway, various movies, reading Russh and Chanel (book) and relaxing relaxing relaxing!
Here are some things keeping me sane whilst my boyfriend is overseas:

My new tuban-sorta-style headband.

PANCAKES! I made these for my mother & I today

Coral-Gold lipstick. Best worn with a black outfit, pretty "out-there" but adds a bit of colour to a winter outfit.

Crystal-drop earrings. These totally remind me of the Labyrinth. They're kinda heavy, but very awesome.

This is why I love mid-year sales! I scored these shoes for a fabulous price. They're really comfortable and look ace with black tights.

My bracelets. One is french "i have no regrets", and the other says "love is blind", I love them both.

This cropped jumper I bought brand new from a store-that-shall-not-be-named because they gave me such horrendous assistance/processing the sale. I returned one of the other garments I bought and the sales assistants were incredibly rude - it's not my fault your clothes are crappily-over-priced and poor quality. I'm proud to say that at my job SPORTSGIRL we offer amazing assistance and refund/exchange policies. It irritates me to shop elsewhere when they have bad sales assistants and policies.

I love this jumper though! It's cropped and looks awesome with high waisted jeans.

Nude coloured nail polishes. I'm loving these colours: Snow (white), Divine (nude) and Fizz (pink). (Snow-Sportsgirl and the other 2 Natio)

I haven't finished this book yet but I'm loving it. It's the inspiration for the new film Coco Avant Chanel. It's so interesting to know Gabrielle came from a disadvantaged background and made such an incredible empire because of her aspirations and ambition.

The new RUSSH magazine, I bought yesterday and am loving the fashion week coverage photos. How I wish I could work for them. Buy it!

That's what is making me happy today :)



Kirsten Dunst is amazing, I think she's one of the girls who could make a potatoe sack look stylish.


Change it up!

I got a haircut, it looks kinda like this! ^ Don't you love a change? I love always keeping things in my life fresh & new- a new do, a new dress, a trip to save up for/ look forward to, these things keep life exciting! Aswell as satisfy my restless mind.

Dress- ups

I love the emphasis on jackets this Winter.

Source: Flora's Box
This photo lowers my self esteem to about zero! This dress is so pretty, I love the stripes & it's so simple but sweet. The bag (which I'm guessing is a Chanel- you can't go wrong there.) And ofcourse there's the model envy- I would kill a baby for this beautiful olive Italian skin. Nice find Garance Dore.

Source: This Is Glamorous

Ashley Olsen looks so good here, this outfit is so nice. First of all, skinny jeans are the second love in my life. Blue is my favourite colour & I've been meaning to find a blouse like this for a long time but haven't gotten around to it. No doubt it's probably a ralph lauren polo or something worth a bajillion dollars but outfits like this are easy to imitate. :P Will always be a sucker for the Ray Bans & I'm also a fan of her watch, oversized & gold. Love this outfit!

I hope you are all having a lovely afternoon!

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CHANEL exposed

I can't wait to see the new film coming soon 'Coco Avant Chanel'. I've heard Audrey Tatou plays her role amazingly! I'm interested in her life, I read she came from a very poor background. I hope it lives up to my expectations.


Isabel Lucas

I like her style and she seems real sweet- not the least bit shallow or materialistic which is always good to see in hollywood. It's nice that she does a lot for charity & good causes. I think she has a lot of potential but she's super shy & I saw her being interviewed the other night she seemed terrified and hardly spoke! Arghh, not good. I'm sure she'll hatch out of her cocoon in no time.

Ha, she might need to 'transform' from a shy girl into a confident woman. By the way, the film Transformers was so good! I definetly preferred the second to the first.

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She wears the Pants

Currently LOVE-ing Trousers! The comfortable alternative to your skinny jeans.

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Man Style

We Heart Stefano Pilati <3 source: tfs



I'm looking forward to seeing how The Runaways film unfolds. And not just because I'll probably laugh at Kristen Stewart playing Joan Jett (WHAT THE HELL? Okay, so I'm a fellow guitarist and am kinda repelled by the idea of her playing such an influential female guitarist) but because I want to see what the costume designer has come up with. So far I'm digging Dakota Fannings outfit>>>>

It's going to be such a coming-of-age-teenage-angst-rebellion film, hope it's as gritty as can be!

(For those of you with no clue, The Runaways were an all female band from the late 70's)

(Is it just me or do other people feel weird seeing Dakota all... older? Damn child stars and getting older. It's so awkward. LOL. But she's still pretty as a peach!)


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Dazed & Confused

Tonight I'm exhausted, frustrated, angry... wishful, confused, impatient. I'm stuck in a bubble of anger. I wish it would pop. I'm hoping tomorrow is a better day.
I hope you are all having a nicer night than I am!
I promise my next post to be filled with happiness & love- as will
my day have been when I post it.
Sources: Knight Cat, This Is Glamourous, Hannah Couture