Gandhi the Great

Seven Blunders of the World

1. Wealth without work

2. Pleasure without conscience

3. Knowledge without character

4. Commerce without morality

5. Science without humanity

6. Worship without sacrifice

7. Politics without principle

 — Mahatma Gandhi

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This quote is great, and so true. Liz x

In The Park

I just love my shoes, socks and this dress. The dress I bought 2 years ago from Target because I adore the birds and my nickname is "Birdy" from my Mum. Coincidentally Miu Miu did this exact swallow, so I bought it out of the closet for a revival. The shoes and socks are from Sportsgirl. Alexander McQueen scarf, cardigan from Cotton On, vintage bag. :)
Hope you're having a great week! Bit of a cold snap here this week, which is nice when I'm staying at home.
Much love, Cat

Happy Tuesday

Some Tuesday morning inspiration to get me (and you) through mid week blues! I just had an interview for a job I really want, and it went great! So my mid week blues are no longer! I go in for a trial on Thursday so *fingers crossed* it goes well. I'm going to make myself a hot cup of coffee and cut myself a slice of the chocolate cake I baked last night Mmm... (baking=happy) and try really really hard to motivate myself to work on assignments! Liz xx
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Nicole Richie

NICOLE RICHIE, you do no wrong!
I want her wardrobe!!!
Liz x

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Sienna Style

I love Sienna, she seems so happy in her own skin. She glows with self confidence. I love her sense of style. I bought a bag & silver arm cuff very similar to these on my recent trip to Florence and I adore them.
Liz x

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Went down to this little river/creek one afternoon. And let me tell you, it's hard walking across slippery rocks with clog sandals on! Not for the uncoordinated; I managed to steal a piggy back. We used Jerrad's new Canon EOS 50D and it's rather beautiful...There were heaps of ducks down there and it was so peaceful and hidden away from suburbia. I think I will have to go back and have a picnic with Liz. XOXO Cat *Note to self, don't wear that bra again, it was too padded and made me look like I had extremely huge boobs*
eBay skirt
Cotton On cardigan
Country Road t-shirt
Sportsgirl Clog Sandals
DIY socks
Vintage belt (Mums)
Rings various (eBay, Sportsgirl, vintage, Bali)

Enjoying this tune:

Good things in life...

Liz. xo


Going to take some photos tomorrow with my friends new Canon EOS 50D. Yay! Excited! I better get to bed! XOXO Cat

The greats

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Some of the greats.. Liz x

Travel Bug

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Since returning from my travels, I'm feeling really inspired- with fashion, art, creativity, lifestyle. I think it has a lot to do with the fact that travelling is one thing that really gets me excited, it's always been my passion and I can't wait to start planning my next overseas trip soon. London, Italy, France... these are places that are so rich in history and culture you can't help but be inspired.
My favourite place I visited was Paris, I loved everything about it- the art, culture, fashion, architecture, lifestyle etc. I could spend a lifetime discovering London & Paris. Where is your favourite place that you have visited? Where is your dream place you would love to travel to??? I would love to hear from you guys! Places of interest for me in the next few years definetely include Spain, Japan, New York and Greece. For the rest of my life, I will always save for travel. There is too many wonderful places to see and experiences to have, then to stay in the one spot my whole life. Love Liz xo

Chill Out Day

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Today I had the WHOLE day at home to catch up on sleep and relax! It was wonderful. I feel a bit guilty about not getting any assignments done but I'll work extra hard tomorrow. I am currently unemployed, since I went travelling; so I'm looking for work which is exciting. However I want to start work asap, an income would be nice! Travelling meant coming home flat broke but it was well worth it. Today consisted of catching up on some much needed browsing of my favourite blogs, I went for a jog and basically chilled out. It was great. Love Liz x

P.S As soon as I can afford one I'm buying a bike! In Amsterdam I went bike riding and it was so nice, and so much fun plus it's great exercise.

Missoni Mayhem

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I can't get enough Missoni right now! All this stuff is SUMMER inspired as I've just arrived home from a trip around Europe- it was HOT HOT HOT in FRANCE & ITALY! Wishing I had a magical money tree so that I could buy a Missoni kaftan for next Summer. Inspired by all of this beautiful jewellery- gold, turqoise, beads, bone, snakes, owls, cuffs/ bracelets/ bangles-anything big & bold. Sparkles & shine combined with plane colours such as beige/ peach/ gray- for a beautiful dress that will stand out. Wishing I had events & gatherings to go to for excuses to shop. Here on the Sunshine Coast it's sunshine and blue skies but it's chilly and windy! Definetely feeling the Winter weather and loving rugging up in beanies, boots & scarves. I'm inspired now to brave the cold weather and go for a jog! Hope your all enjoying your week. Liz XO

Honey I'm home

I'm back from my trip around Europe it was incredible- everything I imagined and more! I visited London, France, Italy, Germany and the Netherlands. It was wild, beautiful and so much fun. Eventually I will post some photos. I've missed a lot in the blogging world and it's good to be back! I feel fresh coming home, as I quite my old job before I left (I hated it) and have applied for new jobs today so that's exciting. Plus I am nearly finished my study course, and I will be moving out to the city soon so life is good! Hope you are all well. Liz xx

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Shoe Whore

These are my babies which came in the post today! Been waiting for a few weeks for these to arrive; and boy am I soooo happy! So easy to wear and comfortable. Love love love my shoes! Who needs men when we have fabulous footwear. Love Cat xoxo