Girl Love

Some sisterly love. It's such a shame that these days women are more out to fight and bicker than support, encourage and compliment. I think we each should say positive things about other women rather than put-downs. So next time you go to slander a girl's appearance, say one POSITIVE thing about her instead. This way you won't become a big bundle of negativity and you will ultimately feel more positive about your life. I think in western society it's become harder and harder for some women to compiment one another, or take compliments themselves (myself included). So as saying this and feeling very womanly-empowered I'm going to aim at complimenting (genuinely) minimum 1 woman a day and even more when I'm out and about or working. I notice when others compliment me on something, whether I'm wearing something different or nice, or giving a positive vibe out. It's so nice to receive compliments.

Secondly - Tell your best friend / close female friend / best guy friend / anyone close to you - YOU LOVE THEM! Go now!!! Text, call, email, yell out across the room, or go up to them in person. Give them a hug or something to let them know how much they mean to you :) Because you never know when yours/theirs last second is on this earth. I'm so glad to have the people I do in my life and those who are yet to enter it. Sure you meet some sour grapes along the way of life - BUT who cares about them, it's those who have stood by you through thick and thin; or even those you have just met who matter.

I miss those days when you were a kid and showing each other you were friends and meant alot was literally "You're my best friend" and holding hands playing skip rope or doing cart wheels on the grass or running through the sprinklers giggling like crazy.  
What are your favourite memories of 'simple' friendship as a kid?

I'm so appreciative of all those in my life.
Much love, peace, and harmony
ps. This post is definitely dedicated to my lovely best friend Liz; I love her and who she is.

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elizabethandcatherine says
April 17, 2010 at 10:28 AM