Ah the beautiful sky and waves lapping. Finally the weather has cleared up somewhat; went for a surf this morning and now am having a lazy afternoon. Enjoying my weekend and am excited for my week ahead! 
xoxo C

It's been awhile, wild child

Ahhh 2012 you have been very very blissful! I hope everyone has had a lovely start to the new year. Hell, my year's been so good so far that if it were to be the end of the world... I can say I've enjoyed it. 
Dramatic, possibly.
On the new years resolution agenda - BLOG more. Especially on this page. I tend to use Tumblr and Instagram a LOT these days (possibility due to the ease of reblogging and posting thanks to my iPhone). 
But there is nothing I love more than sharing beautiful photographs/pictures/moments I have found on the internet with you lovely followers/visitors. Unless stated otherwise, I don't claim these photographs as my own. I will only claim them if they are and will definitely state so. 
Eternal love and blessings to you all.