Young and in Lust

I am full of romantic ideas and feelings when I think of this one lovely man... miles between us and I yearn for the day I travel to see him.
In the mean time, These songs and pictures are incredibly relevant and make my insides euphoric.

60s Winter Swing hips

Don't Give Up The Ship

There's nothing I enjoy more than feeling incredibly feminine and in power of my life. This post is dedicated to all you lovely ladies out there who feel empowered - whether you got a new job, love your job, have found a new talent or are learning new things, enjoy being a woman and being yourself! There's nothing more beautiful than loving yourself and taking care of your mind and body. Put on your favourite dress, or comfy pants, make a cup of tea, draw or paint or write or sing, do the things that give you pure happiness and content in BEING. Being a woman in this day and age is beautiful. You Are Beautiful. Here's a few beautiful images.........
xoxo C

Cuttin Layers

Winter yearning. I'm wanting the weather to ease up on the heat factor, so that I can actually layer up clothes. But I guess you have to enjoy the changing of seasons and the perks of each season.
Here's some images of outfits I'm enjoying..