Fashion Obsession

Rachel Bilson at Zac Posen

Sass & Bide Oyster Mag


Laura Laine

Karlie Kloss

New designer, Elise Overlands's collection

Mary-Kate Olsen & Nicole Richie front row at Proenza Schouler

Alexanda Wang

This is what a CHANEL party looks like...

Lots of love, Lizzy.


These are photographed by Susannah Conway;


Alternate dancing & The Rolling Stones

...are two things that make me happy...

click click click click click

-Lizzy xxxxx

I love this, it reminds me of the beauty of nature & the joy of the simple things in life.

-Lizzy (:

Just some fashion finds.. i love in each picture they are wearing something unusual & unique and they pull it off amazingly.

Cats Ring Collection

So I was being 'creative' last night and decided to photograph some of my rings. Recently I bought 50 skull rings (assorted designs, my faves bat, skull snake and hand) and for a bargain. They're pictured in the 4th one down (only 5 pictured). My collection stems from so many places: gifts from my mum, hand-me-downs from mum, from work, hippy shops, from cheap markets, and so on.
X Cat.

Wishing I was in London, I'd be wearing a coat just like this. Beautiful.

Night all, Liz x

Model Mania

cato van ee beeauty

I adore Cato;
Source: NYMag