Today's ponderings of Cat's mind

God I hate doing assignments! Procrastinating at it's worst (blogging is great to distract me from my real tasks)

Oh how I want to jam with my old band mates.

I miss my friends very muchly. I wish we all lived in the same area, compared to 100's of kilometres away!

I miss my musical instruments. I'm determined to save up for a nice new guitar and amp after I finish moving... Oh and save for a travel trip too!

I can't wait to finish moving house! Just to know whether we're staying in the same city or moving further south. I hope moving south so I'm closer to le boyfriend. (This is Alcupulco not where I'm moving but I like this picture)

Oh how I want my own piano. But not just ANY piano, a grand day.

Boy I love painting.

I'm in lust mode for my boyfriend..... wink

I want a leopard print coat. I just bought a red coat off ebay which was nothing like it's description, it's massively HUGE like a size 16/18! When it said size 10! Liars! So now I'm stuck with a massive pimp-coat which cannot be worn. Looks like it's straight to our garage sale for you mr.big-coat.

I want to go skating! I have skates but my area is too hilly and roady for my liking. Unless I want to fly down the road and scrape my whole body on the gravel!

I will be as happy as I can be about any situation I get myself into. Life is full of possibilities. Love to laugh. Love to love. Love to live.


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