My Day

Today I slept in - til 9am and spent the rest of the day relaxing by watching Project Runway, various movies, reading Russh and Chanel (book) and relaxing relaxing relaxing!
Here are some things keeping me sane whilst my boyfriend is overseas:

My new tuban-sorta-style headband.

PANCAKES! I made these for my mother & I today

Coral-Gold lipstick. Best worn with a black outfit, pretty "out-there" but adds a bit of colour to a winter outfit.

Crystal-drop earrings. These totally remind me of the Labyrinth. They're kinda heavy, but very awesome.

This is why I love mid-year sales! I scored these shoes for a fabulous price. They're really comfortable and look ace with black tights.

My bracelets. One is french "i have no regrets", and the other says "love is blind", I love them both.

This cropped jumper I bought brand new from a store-that-shall-not-be-named because they gave me such horrendous assistance/processing the sale. I returned one of the other garments I bought and the sales assistants were incredibly rude - it's not my fault your clothes are crappily-over-priced and poor quality. I'm proud to say that at my job SPORTSGIRL we offer amazing assistance and refund/exchange policies. It irritates me to shop elsewhere when they have bad sales assistants and policies.

I love this jumper though! It's cropped and looks awesome with high waisted jeans.

Nude coloured nail polishes. I'm loving these colours: Snow (white), Divine (nude) and Fizz (pink). (Snow-Sportsgirl and the other 2 Natio)

I haven't finished this book yet but I'm loving it. It's the inspiration for the new film Coco Avant Chanel. It's so interesting to know Gabrielle came from a disadvantaged background and made such an incredible empire because of her aspirations and ambition.

The new RUSSH magazine, I bought yesterday and am loving the fashion week coverage photos. How I wish I could work for them. Buy it!

That's what is making me happy today :)


2 Responses to "My Day"

preppygoesrock says
June 29, 2009 at 9:06 PM

i love your shoes and i do the same thing too!
check out my blog

Luxi says
June 30, 2009 at 9:01 PM

such a cute post!Love your blog <3