Bag Lady

Whats in my handbag?
A few things I never leave the house without:

1. A magazine is usually in my bag, most likely russh or madison. I've turned into a magazine addict, buying everyone that goes on the shelf & waisting soo much money so to control my addiction I stopped buying any magazines for two months- nearly there!

2. Scarf & beanie, it's cold lately on these chilly winter days!

3. My new Iphone

4. My camera, everywhere I go I see something I want to take a picture of.

5. My wallet, it's a beautiful one that I wanted to buy a while ago, had my eyes set on it, had been saving, & then my boyfriend suprises me with buying it.
6. Coin pouch- this awesome find was one dollar! and lip gloss, this one is from 'MOR'- I bought it because of the beautiful container.
7. Water bottle! Keeping hydrated.

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