Dress- ups

I love the emphasis on jackets this Winter.

Source: Flora's Box
This photo lowers my self esteem to about zero! This dress is so pretty, I love the stripes & it's so simple but sweet. The bag (which I'm guessing is a Chanel- you can't go wrong there.) And ofcourse there's the model envy- I would kill a baby for this beautiful olive Italian skin. Nice find Garance Dore.

Source: This Is Glamorous

Ashley Olsen looks so good here, this outfit is so nice. First of all, skinny jeans are the second love in my life. Blue is my favourite colour & I've been meaning to find a blouse like this for a long time but haven't gotten around to it. No doubt it's probably a ralph lauren polo or something worth a bajillion dollars but outfits like this are easy to imitate. :P Will always be a sucker for the Ray Bans & I'm also a fan of her watch, oversized & gold. Love this outfit!

I hope you are all having a lovely afternoon!

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