I'm looking forward to seeing how The Runaways film unfolds. And not just because I'll probably laugh at Kristen Stewart playing Joan Jett (WHAT THE HELL? Okay, so I'm a fellow guitarist and am kinda repelled by the idea of her playing such an influential female guitarist) but because I want to see what the costume designer has come up with. So far I'm digging Dakota Fannings outfit>>>>

It's going to be such a coming-of-age-teenage-angst-rebellion film, hope it's as gritty as can be!

(For those of you with no clue, The Runaways were an all female band from the late 70's)

(Is it just me or do other people feel weird seeing Dakota all... older? Damn child stars and getting older. It's so awkward. LOL. But she's still pretty as a peach!)


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