My Old Work

So I found some very old graphics I did for a graphic design class. Here they are. I also had some really cool ones but I'm struggling to find where on my laptop they are! Which is a pity because I loved them and just can't seem to find what folder they are in.

I love 70's inspired art, so this one I had fun doing. She's hip and cool and very 70's funk.

I loved doing this one. There's something so sexy-nature about it. I was not going to have the leaves but part of the project was to incorporate a plant in my graphic.

This one is a lady in her bathroom smoking. I think it has a 50's feel to it.

I can't explain this one really, its a girl being blown away. I like my graphics to have simplicity about them, but something abstract at the same time.

This was a funny one, I had to incorporate an eye in it and use different photoshop techniques (masks, layering etc. etc.). I call this the end of the world.

Please do not reproduce these images without my permission

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