my crazy booze crew

The 10 crazy people I adore that I would like to have happy hour with:

One) Rik Mayall as either Drop Dead Fred or Rick from The Young Ones.

Two!) Noel Fielding as himself but also forced to do impersonations, and call me a silly otter.

Three) Billy Connolly just being himself but playing the banjo.

Four and Five) Patsy & Eddie from Absolutely Fabulous as the characters of course, darling.

Six) Robert Pattinson being forced by me and gunpoint (cos he probably wouldn't do it otherwise) to play his character from How To Be AND then do the stare from Twilight whilst playing his guitar and me playing my harmonica and rhythm guitar (whilst holding the gun still?! No I wouldn't be that crazy). I can only dream.

Seven) Vivienne Westwood to add some eclecticism to it.

Eight) David Bowie and I would get down with the singing and dancing to many-a-tunes, especially the Labyrinth soundtrack.

Nine) Andy Warhol or Jean Michel Basquait - couldn't choose because they'd both be rather entertaining and making art out of anything.

Ten) Peter Griffin is possibly the best cartoon character invented and he would be utterly hilarious to have at a party. Everything out of his mouth is worth quoting in everyday situations.

I'd probably wee myself (a lot) if that came true. X Cat.

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