Love notes


READING: Brideshead Revisited- I could forever get lost in books set in the 1920's. Especially those set in wealthy old countryside England, I love everything about that era, i think i should have been born in that era.
LISTENING TO: Rod Stewart, Elton John, The Stones etc...golden oldies. I'm going to write a post dedicated entirely to music, every song i love & can't live without. I'm going to force CAT to do the same. ;)

WATCHING: The Last King of Scotland. Intense but great! (Also writing an entire post of the greatest films of all time (according to me).
LOVING: Autumn. My favourite season. I love the cool & crisp mornings. Curling up underneath my blankets & snuggling in my boyfriend's bodywarmth. I'm excited about finding a new pair of perfect jeans for this winter. Generally just loving life.

DISLIKING: Lady Gaga, the world would be that much of a better place if people like Lady Gaga never had been born. Cruel, but true.
WISHING FOR: Nip/Tuck- and every season of it.
WAITING FOR: My trip to Europe; so many places to see, so many things to do.
PURCHASING: -Black board decal; (poppytalk.blogspot)

-Jumbo Coffee Recycle Bin (

-Magazine Holder (

Living, loving, laughing;
Lizzy. x

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