PARIS, one day

I wish i hadn't given up learning the French language...It's beautiful... I guess it's never too late. One of my life aspirations, learning another language. I'm travelling to Europe in September, it's all I'm living for; working, saving, BREATHING, Europe. Which reminds me, i'm in current search for the perfect camera, one which can accompany me on my travels. On the topic, anyone heard of the latest Lomo- The Diana Dreamer. How dreamyyyy. If only i wasn't trying (hense on the word trying) to save every penny i would have one by now. I'm glad i have finally found the time to blog a little... i need to vent!

The shoes above, i ADORE them but i don't know who to source this picture to.

Natasha Richardson......I loved her DEARLY in The Parent Trap; I watched this movie countless times as a child, so much that i know every line and i actually shed a tear when i heard of her death... R.I.P

On a nicer note....

Beautiful photographs, i found these at July Stars. ^
I'm unsure of the photographer.

Margherita Missoni, I envy you!

Liz. x

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