Things That Make Me Happy

We have been tagged in a blog award by Death Wears Diamond Jewellery where I have to list 10 things that make me happy. I'm really content with where I am in my life right now so I find it appropriate to make this post.

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1) My Family
Family is extremely important to me, and I am fortunate to have a wonderful family full of love and support. I love hanging out with my family, it's always fun.

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2) My Bestfriends
I can count my closest friends on one hand for sure. The ones I've known forever, who know me inside out, who I can say anything to, who don't judge me, who I have the most fun with, who I can always rely on to be there. They are the people worth keeping in my life.

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3) Photography
This sounds cliche but infact, this whole blog is based around pictures and photos that inspire me- I express who I am, how I feel, what I do and what I want to do through appropriate images. Posting, looking at, taking photos- it is all just a great outlet for my creative expression. Fashion, travel, art, style, beauty- all of this can be expressed through images.

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4) The Vampire Diaries
This is my latest obsession, it is an amazing t.v show that I never want to end.
I'm in fact just a Movie and T.vShow buff in general and other shows I'm loving right now include Mad Men, True Blood and Gossip Girl. I'm a sucker for a rainy day, watching movies and catching up on the latest episode of my favourite shows.

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5) Exercise
I jog and it honestly keeps me sane! I love the rush of endorphins I get from any sort of exercise, and running for me is an escape- it lets me get away from everything and everyone, I can either think about anything or I can turn off my brain and just listen to music. So not only do I love it but it's great for my health. I love jogging really early in the morning watching the sun rise, or dusk in the afternoon, watching the sun go down.

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6) Travel
Travel is one of my biggest passions and always will be. I know there's a bigger world out there. There is sooo many beautiful places to see, so many interesting people to meet, great experiences to have. I'll never stop travelling. My next goal is Spain 2011, and to possibly live in Switzerland for a while, and to not buy a return ticket so that I can travel Europe and UK some more.

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7) Jewellery
I love collecting unique, beautiful pieces of jewellery- mostly sterling silver. I find them off ebay, in jewellery stores etc. I bought a beautiful silver ring with a garnet stone in Avignon, France, handmade from the man who was standing at the market stall, I wear it all the time.
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8) Books
What would we do without reading?
I love all the classics- Gatsby, Breakfast at Tiffanys, Dracula.
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9) Coffee/Tea time
When I wake up in the morning, I look forward to making myself a coffee and enjoying it. It's like a special ritual. I'm not a tea drinker but I know it's the same story. I love meeting a friend for coffee or relaxing alone reading a book and having a cuppa. It's one of those small things in life I love.

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10) Music
Again, what would we do without music?
There's a song for every mood, a soundtrack to our lives, songs that remind you of the good times, a song for everything.

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1) Is This Real Life?
2) La Vie Boston

Love Liz xo

3 Responses to "Things That Make Me Happy"

Claire says
September 21, 2010 at 10:44 AM

my heart just did something funny when i saw that photo of damon etc... ugh, he is so HOT. i just died.


Is This Real Life? says
September 22, 2010 at 2:40 AM

Ah thank you sooo much, so sweet of you both!
I will get my post up about this soon!

I love your fave things especially the books and the tea/coffee i am such a tea junkie!

elizabethandcatherine says
September 22, 2010 at 9:11 AM

Yes! I wish I was a tea junkie... but for now coffee is my drink. I'm sipping one as we speak.
Look forward to seeing your post about the things that make you happy! Liz xo