Trip out of town

Last weekend geoff and i went to brissy for the night.

We did these things:

Went to the markets (only to find we were late and over half of them were closed, damn it!!!)

Taco's for dinner (my friend Maddy & I have a little tradition called Taco time... we love mexican food!)

Played cards & drank softdrink + vodka
Danced till we couldn't dance anymore

I sat in the toilet with my boyfriend for an hour at 2am while he was throwing up the vodka + softdrink!!!!! Bahaha... Plus he has never in his life vomitted from drinking alcohol.. there's a first for everything!

The next morning:

Ferris wheel at southbank

Pumpkin soup for breaky (yes usually a dinner meal but I love dinner for breakfast.. and it was freeeezing!)

Took the train back home to watch my brother & his girlfriend sky dive! Totally inspired me to jump out of a plane aswell, I'm taking Geoff (and doing it myself! Argh!) to sky dive for his 21st next april!

So all in all a fabulous weekend. Here's to the nights we never remember with the friends we'll never forget!
Looking forward to another to come, my boyfriend's brother is turning 18 on Thursday so we are heading to the Goldcoast for a night of craziness!


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