In the words of a god (in my opinion) "turn and face the strange chchchanges". This seems quite fit for how life is going for myself at present. Instead of holding back, I'm going to plunge into the deep end and go with the flow. No more worrying about what 'did' or 'didn't' happen, and time to focus on all the glorious changes I will face in the coming months!

Here is what's inspiring me today:

The New GREEN Nails as seen at the latest CHANEL Fall 09 show. I can't wait for the Jade (green) & Jade Rose (soft pink) to be released. It's quite subtle, yet statement. Promote GREEN for everyday wear and show your environmental streak.The New SPORTSGIRL website! Hehe just a bit of self-promoting-my-job. It's really cool & interactive so check it out! They've already got some pics up of new stock coming in, I'm really excited for some of the new shoes and bags! Join Up & you can win prizes for SPEAKING UP!

The WHYSL t-shirt I just spotted in an old YEN magazine of mine! I adore it, and realised it's from Ksubi.

Distressed/White Jeans + Loose tee + lots and lots of bracelets + bed hair + eyeliner = LOVE:

OVER THIS HORRIBLE WEATHER! Okay, So I'll eat my own words when I said "I love winter" I don't love winter when it's rainy and windy! I'm looking forward to the warmer sunshine of spring and actually wanting to exercise instead of sit indoors in front of the tv trying to stay warm. Even my boyfriend has lost his appeal - he's too cold for me to want to snuggle with!!!
I want the weather to be like this (But not sweaty-hot):

Hope you're enjoying your day pettles!

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Lily G. says
July 7, 2009 at 3:07 PM

Oh wow, that green nail polish looks lovely. And I'm totally loving that "WHYSL" t-shirt!