Carpe Diem!

As Marc Jacobs has said (quote found in the new RUSSH-where else?);

"The weather is beautiful. I'm in love. I'm engaged to be married. I'm working on building a new home and working in studio with Steven Meisel and Madonna on the next Louis Vuitton campaign. Then, I have two days of shooting with Juergen... I can't find anything to be unhappy about at the moment. True, everything is budget, budget, budget and trying to be frugal, but we're not going to cut back the quality. We're still doing what we love and the way we love it. All those things are very real, but it's not stopping us from being creative and being excited and being happy about what we do."

I say AMEN M-J! This economic crisis hasn't really effected me THAT much, okay not really at all considering I'm 18, I have a stable job, no debt or lost stocks etc.etc.etc. I'm in a pretty great position but I have seen it ruin alot of people around me and have learnt from them. I believe this situation is a positive thing, it's forcing people to appreciate their jobs and in a way appreciate the simple good things in life that are free! As they say 'The best things in life are free'! You've always got to look on the bright side of life- For me it is that I am young, in love, healthy, free & happy. I couldn't need anything more in life!


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