Alexa, Eat!

Is it just me or is Alexa Chung becoming TOO thin??? This photograph is recent and check out her colar bones, arms & legs...skiiiny. I've always admired her sense of style and appreciated the fact that she does style her own outfits and she always manages to look amazing. But I'm afraid she'll become every 13 year old girl's new 'thinspo'. After all, I use to be that 13 year old & it's icons like Alexa who incouraged my insecurities! I'm NOT saying she has an eating disourder, she vomits after every meal, she's starving herself, BLAH blah, none of that crap because the truth is she may just be naturally thin. I'm just observing. 8-)
Remember girls, all shapes & sizes are BEAUTIFUL! ;)

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Edie, Brigitte and Jane says
July 21, 2009 at 6:32 PM

I agree that she is actually becoming too skinny, but she has stated that when she is working a lot- she doesn't have time to eat properly. But I do love love love her!