Today I Love

As Bono once said: "It's a Beautiful Dayyyyyy"

The chill of the cool breeze, and the beautiful warm sun. I enjoy the coming of winter, because I love the sun the most in Winter, you can stay outside without the worry of getting too hot.

These are some other things about today I'm enjoying:

My SlipperSocks: My mummy bought me these; They're keeping my feet cosy today at home; doing assignments :(
My John-style-peepers: Love these because I love JL/The Beatles. My White Label jeans: I love this colour blue, it's beautiful and the same colour as the sky. And the genius who designed them made them shorter legged (HURRAH!) so I did not have to take them up and they have beautiful zipper details on the leg.

Red &Orange Nailpolish: I usually detest the colour orange, but have come to terms with it as an acceptable nail-polish but THAT IS ALL. My Beatles Coffee Cup: My favourite mug ever; if this was to break I would have a mental-breakdown. It makes having tea so much more enjoyable.

TUNES The Best of Bread record: It's chilling me out today, nobody is home so I cranked it up real loud. That and Cut Off Your Hands :)
And lastly-first: My boyfriend. I cannot wait until he gets off his flight today!

Love Cat XOXO

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