Things that make me go Mmm

In spirit of Cat's post on things that she loves, I thought i'd be a copy cat.


Vintage cookie tins, Old old old black & white films (audrey hepburn, bette davis, grace kelly etc...), A really good film or song- one that makes you think & feel things intense and emotional. Freedom, having the whole world at my feet. I love jokes, comedies, funny people, laughing so hard my tummy is in knots. Winter-snuggling under the blanket, sitting infront of the fire place, trackie pants & ugg boots (the really comfortable ones that force you into being a social hermit because you would rather chill out at home in your pyjamas than go out), Snow, hot baths, fashion fashion fashion jackets jeans boots & layers! Porridge, crisp cold mornings with sunshine, the list goes on. I also love my boyfriend's cooking, he's amazing (in general) i love being in love. I love finding a pair of jeans that fit so perfect you wear them every day in Winter. I love life & everything about it.

I hope my happiness can be contagious for all of you!

Love Liz xx

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