My Mum + RPatz

So my mum just got home, and told me how my brothers doctor/physio/well-known-medical-dude has a picture of 'that vampire guy' on their wall in their office. I was like "um Robert Pattinson? I doubt it???" So of course, I go to my brother for the full-story and turns out it wasn't "that hot vampire guy" that I liked by Hugh Jackman, another "hot guy" I like. Hahaha. I love how mothers can be so wrong and so hilarious at the same time.
So after this story, I decided to post some of these pictures, stylinnnnn':

My boyfriend thinks he's unattractive and doesn't get the 'hype'. But hey, I dig different. He's not typical hot (ie.Brad Pit) he's atypical amazing!



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Elle says
June 14, 2009 at 1:25 AM

My ex too. He even started a Facebook group 'What's the damn deal w/ Robert Pattinson?'.

Lol. They're just jelllzzz hun.