Met Gala: YIKES + YAY

Okay so "The Model is the Muse" pretty much nearly all the time... blah blah blah.
What I'm interested in is what made some of these people wear these things??
Let's start with the bad and work my way through to the great.


Leighton Meester darling what made you wear this? Sure you'll get noticed, but NOT for any good reasons! This is best left for crazy fantastical editorials. Magazines only please. It could have been acceptable without the legging part and shoes... too 'clown' for me. (in Marc Jacobs)

Yikes 2:
Kirstin always seems to be a bit of a SWING AND A MISS kinda gal. Sometimes she looks fabulous, and other times... well just look at the photo! Nanna going to pokies, much? (In Chanel Haute Couture) Sure it's Chanel, but not GOOD Chanel....

Yikes 3:
MK... mmmmkay this dress could have worked. But for me it's a big flop. Something about it reminds me of curtains, medieval and tin foil. If it didn't have a tiered bottom I think it could of worked better as a short dress.

Yay 1:

Daria looks hot. She has amazing legs and thank god she's showing them off. Even though the top is pretty low cut, she manages to pull it off without looking trashy, which 99.9999% people wouldn't be able to do! (In Balmain)

Yay 2:

Lily Donaldson and Narcisco Rodriguez (in His, duhhh). It's so different and reminds me of stars in the sky. Overall- AH-MAY-ZINGGGGG

Yay 3:

Jessica Stam va-va-va-voom! I love her pale skin and this dress! The whole outfit is just perfect 10/10 for me. Rodarte does it again! (In Rodarte)

Yay 5:

Kate Bosworth looking smashing. This is just exceptionally pulled off, and there's been just so many flops of celebs trying to pull of 40's vampy sultry look and just looking like a damn hooker. Kudos Kate, you've got my vote.

Yay 6:

Ashley outdoes MK by far in this ensemble. She looks so ethereal and pure. (It's a backless number ok ladies) Simplicism is sometimes the best option and her hair looks awesome like this. Very mature of you Ashley, simply beautiful.

Yay 7:

Oh of course KM would end up one of the best dressed, she is afterall KATE MOSS remember. Hardiharhar. I love the silvery, white gold-ness of her outfit. Very "MODEL MUSE" of her. Clearly she's meant to be a 'goddess' type, and of course she pulls it off (again and again) so easily. Go Marc Jacobs you good thing!



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