Unflatteringly Olsens

I don't get their outfits lately? I know they were known for their 'chic hobo' look of oversized clothing (synonymous with eating disorders), but whats the deal in these photographs of late??? Ashley wearing that gray sweater just looks like some kind of homebody who never leaves the house and wears only sweats. Usually if you're wearing a really big loose top you'll team it with tighters bottoms; otherwise risk looking like a bum. Their clothing line is very beautiful, how come they didn't reflect it? I think I'm growing away from the Olsen's style lately, and following more Alexa and Chloe.
Pick up your game ladies! There's a colourful world of clothing out there, and you used to look so fabulous in them.
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bridierussell says
February 26, 2010 at 5:14 PM

i agree completely!!!!!
my thoughts exactly when i saw these photos.
love liz xx