Study, or therelackof

So my boyfriend's been out all day, which has meant I've been studying all day. Well not studying in particular, more just organizing myself for the year ahead. So now it's going on 6 hours and I've sorta started to go crazy... okay more like 'insane in the membrane' and began being an idiot on my webcam and software...
Yes I am a d*ckhead. Admittance is the first step... Once le boyfriend is home, I shall have somebody to play with yayyyyyy (I'm so immature for a 21 year old). My emotions of the day:

psssst. LIZ you should upload some of our other funny web cam shots / you should do some!

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elizabeth&catherine says
February 8, 2010 at 7:10 PM

hahah love this! will definetely post some webcam pics

Liz xxxx