Say No to Grunge; Welcome Polished

I'm sooooo over the grunge punk 'teen angst' look. I am now going to embrace a more 'polished' look. (I would probably need to update my whole wardrobe though = shopping spree).....

We are Over: Doc Martens, Ripped Stockings, Cropped Tops, Super Short Denim Cut-Offs (no, you don't look 'hawt' with your ass-cheeks hanging out... tramp) and Top Knots (hair).... sooo 2009.

I adore this campaign Jill by JillStuart 2010 SS. The look is polished and feminine, colourful and classy

This is a new look I'm welcoming.

Alright I'm on a rant. Anyway, to beat the mainstream, GO POLISHED! Fashion doesn't have to be all 'black'. Photographs look better with colourful clothes!

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bridierussell says
February 10, 2010 at 8:22 AM

Totally agree, anyway I have never been truly able to pull off the grunge look so I never really wore it but these photos are beautiful & i love all the outfits! Love Liz xxx