Platforms and Vintage

These are my dream shoes. If I could only own one pair of shoes, these would be it. 70's to the max. I've also decided should I feel the urge to purchase clothing (trust me, it's everyday...addict) I shall only buy from 2nd hand thrift stores and attempt to customize them. This will be a year whereby I save more money and have unique items that I can be proud to say I made. It also helps recycling and helping the world go round. You really can get beautiful stuff from 2nd hand stores. It's just a pity 99% of the store is terrible haha.

Hope you all can take this as a bit of an inspiration to start recycling. Think about home-wares too! I know I am considering I'll be moving soon! Can't wait to pick up some nice vintage furniture etc.

sources: tfs,  jamienelson, etc...

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