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I love this room. It's super cute. I adore the vintage radio, the little dream-catcher above the's not a room that I would have personally, because there's no way on earth I could ever be that neat & tidy, let alone have that little amount of things. I've had to stuff half of my things (mostly useless..but pretty nonetheless) in my cupboard because I don't actually have room in my room for all my junk! I'm moving to the Gold Coast to move in with CAT (and our boyfriends, which will be AMAZING!) so I'll have to do a huge clean-out/ de-clutter soon!
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I need some sort of storage thing for all the bags I own. Right now they are in a pile on the floor hidden behind my door. I need some sort of hanging thing where they just hang neatly... anybody know of any such thing??? and where to go it from... (I love this picture; the beautiful vases, mirror & cute hats hanging off the wall!)
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Love the beadspread and the black & white theme...very pretty designed room. :)
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I reckon this is the kind of living-room I'd have if I lived in a warehouse.
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My style & taste change almost everyday, I don't know how I'd like my own house or apartment decorated because I'd probably change my mind about it the next day! But these are all pretty & there's so many people decorating their places with such individual style these days and I love it!

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elizabeth&catherine says
November 15, 2009 at 5:05 PM

LIZ! I have the same dilemma! I have loads of bags but I have them in a stripey blue & red massive bag thingo.
I'm moving all of my stuff from my home (mums) to le boyfriends this week! Scary stuff! But our apartment here is huge so it's okay. Its scary moving out of home!
And I'm totally going to get a new bed-set once we move out of here, and into a place with you, because J's bedset is so BOYISH and tacky like a primary school boy. But I won't buy one until we move out because it'll just get wrecked by him, and once we all move in we can set some 'ground rules' lol ie: if you make a mess CLEAN IT UP! Which is something J needs help with!
I'm like obsessed with the SELBY because I keep getting ideas for stuff :)
How I wish we could win the Lottery!

Speak soon,
love you!
Love C