Opening Ceremony Spring Schwartzman & Dunst

What a brilliant short film by Gia Coppola - granddaughter of Francis Ford and niece to Sofia - who co-directed, along with Tracy Antonopoulos, a short film entitled "Non Plus One" starring her cousin Jason Schwartzman and Kirsten Dunst!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Created for Opening Ceremony's Spring Line with the actors wearing the clothing.
The film takes on inspiration from French New Wave cinema (similar techniques to Godard's films).
The music behind the short film is by Schwartzman's musical-alter-ego Coconut Records, using the song "Is This Sound Okay?" which creates such a great vibe contributing to the boy-meets-girl sweet tale.
The film is has a very "home made video" film to it, adding to the realistic feel to the story.
 It's such a brilliant idea and I'm so in love with the photographic feel to the shots - makes me feel like getting my retro-on and start taking retro photographs.
Love love love!
5 stars!


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