Go Go Gadget

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There is so much technology in this modern world, everyday new gadgets are coming out bigger (or smaller) and better. I find I only need a few basic things to get me through, I've invested in four main things that were a little pricey (luckily some were gifts) but have proven to stand the test of time. Basically, they are great, they never let me down and help me with every day living.
1) My DELL laptop- is brilliant, has everything I need in a computer.
2) My Camera- Cannon G10, say no more- and soon i'll invest in a proper lens.
3) My GHD hair straightener has lasted me 3 years so far! Although the past few months I have not used it as much, I've let my hair go wavy & wild because both I just haven't been bothered & I've preferred the wavy look but it's always there for me on those bad hair days and neatening out those bad bed hair kinks.
4) Last but not least my iPhone which I poured atleast 3 or 4 weeks of hard work into to purchase but definetely worth it, I absolutly love it!

What are your techno-must haves??
Love Liz. X

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