Reasons I love the 90's

Johnny & Kate back in the day.

So not an actual 90's pic, but this is closest to the style that I could find with it being fashionable and modern... MK has the 'grunge' style downpat in that pic.

Smashing Pumpkins I LOVE THEM so much, but only when they had D'arcy and their original lineup :)

WAYNES WORLD! Nothing need more to be said.

Young KM

Massive KC fan I am. He defined my adolescence.

What's Eating Gilbert Grape; I adored Johnny Depp & Leo in this movie. Made me cry.

90's Supermodels, when things were more gritty and dirty and upfront.

Doc Martens - in my words, the best boot ever.

Hole - I went through such a massive Hole phase, I still have some really old cds of theirs

Nirvana <3, plus Hole, Sonic Youth, Mudhoney, Bikini Kill....

Kate's cute little freckly nose... now I don't feel so bad about my little freckly nose.

AbFAB has got to be one of my all time favourite BBC shows, my mum loved this show and I got addicted as well. I was only allowed to watch it because it was BBC comedy (I was young at the time) and then as I got older I got the jokes more and more and eventually became obsessed, darling.

Romeo & Juliet, Oh Baz you good thing you! Thank god he's Australian, it just make's this movie even better ;) Wonderful soundtrack also.
Okay so I'm not being biased just because I grew up predominantly in the 90's, it's because alot of my inspiration comes from the music and cultural influences of that decade.
Things I love about the 90's:

This is just the beginning of why I loved the 90's.... I shall add more as I progress and find pictures that correspond :)

x. Cat

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