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Obsessed with Nail art lately. Actually - obsessed with Tumblr now. So many amazing photos and pictures available so quickly :) I love Bloglovin' don't get me wrong, but damn Tumblr satisfies my ocular addiction! Here's my Tumblr - Beeligerent. Also check out Fuckyeahnailart, if you're like me and nearly change your nails 3 times a week haha.You will have to scroll through the pages of Halloween nails, personally I think you should have Halloween nails all through the year! They are pretty amazing. Hope you enjoy! XOXO Cat

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elizabethandcatherine says
November 7, 2010 at 5:25 PM

Ahh love the second photo! The galaxy/starry night so pretty. and the Nightmare Before Christmas ones. Love how creative nail art is getting!
L x