Time Flies

When you're planning your 21st / looking on eBay / being distracted by Bloglovin' when really you should probably be cleaning (le boyfriend comes home in approximately 2 hours and I haven't done much!). I'm so tired. I am going to clean room quickly and then watch the Hangover. Because that's how I'm feeling - hungover, but because of CHRISTMAS draining my soul/energy.

On another note; I'm hoping to get these bad boys as part of my xmas present from le boyfriend - if I manage to persuade him I WILL DIE if I don't get them (as with every other 10000 pairs of shoes I own). Perhaps some logical reasoning "they're for my 21st party", "I'll wear them allll the time...when we go out to parties/events!", "I'll sell some of my other shoes I promise!", "I havvvvvvve saved for our Bali trip...." *not*. Anyway.....WISH ME LUCK!

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