Neglectin' Forgettin'

Have totally been neglecting this of late; due to my mass-use of Tumblr
Also started up my own Portfolio site for when I manage to get around to uploading things I am proud of.
In the meantime, here are some awesome things:
♥It is most definitely WINTER now! And thus means you can actually wear layers and amazing clothes. Me=happy.
♥Super psyched about Moonrise Kingdom coming out (I am such a Wes Anderson nut).

source: tumblr, themoptop

Happiest Birthday Liz

Today is Liz's birthday! Such a spring chicken of the ripe age of 21!!!
Happy birthday my lovely I hope you got very spoilt
♥ Love always, Cat xoxo

Babe you got sommin in your hair

I've been seeing so many great photographs of pastel hued haired girls. It really makes me want to take the plunge.... though I really want to let it grow a bit longer before this. I'm at the awkward Alexa Chung length phase of growing out a cropped 'do. I can just manage to tie it up but have to use quite a lot of bobby pins for my under-mullet. So here are some lovely girls with lovely  hair colours that I will most definitely do in a few more months. xoxo C

source of photos: all from various Tumblr's sorry peeps