Backup Your Stuff

People - one word of wisdom from me: 

PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU BACKUP ALL YOUR FILES (photos, movies, music, memories) onto something other than just your laptop (ie. websites, external hardrives). Mine crashed (thanks VISTA) and I lost, everything. All my old memories from years and years, documents, movies, music.... the only thing managed to save was all my University files (lucky). So please make sure you upload your photos onto personal websites (ie. Myspace, Facebook, Photobucket, Tinypic), I lost all mine, except for the ones uploaded onto those websites (thank god I love to upload photos). Needless to say I was incredibly DEVASTATED, my poor boyfriend had to deal with my sobbing for an hour. I pulled myself together and realised that I should have known better than to trust a laptop as a sole memory device. I will forever print my photographs and upload them to external websites for safe keeping.
Much love, 

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